Why I went away, and why i’m back…

Its been a year, and what a year its been!

I wrote my last blog post almost a year ago and have been away from this site since then. The reason is pretty simple.

On my last birthday, over my birthday cake, I made a wish for two things I fervently wanted. One wish was that we find the perfect match for Pallavi, and the other was that I wanted to celebrate my next birthday with my child. I decided as a lark to not post until my next birthday, and then only if both my wishes had come true.

Imagine my joy today that I am able to write today as both my wishes have been fulfilled! In Pratyush ji, we have struck gold, someone who perfectly compliments the diamond that is my sister. And in Saanvii, I have found how much more love I had within me still to give.

Today, I am a happy man. Perhaps not completely content (who is?), but as content as can be. Now its time for the next phase of my life to properly begin.

Last year was my 30th birthday as a man. This year is my 1st birthday as a father. I’m looking forward to the next 12 months and hoping they’re as good as the last 12 have been.

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