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“Batman Vs Superman – Dawn of Justice” – So much Hope, but nothing Super about it.


Light Spoilers, but nothing that would impact your movie watching experience. There is a TLDR (Too Long, Didnt Read) section at the end for those who only want to read overall verdict.


Batman Vs Superman (BvS) was announced to much fanfare at Comic Con a few years ago, with a reading of the much loved passage from the comic “The Dark Knight Returns”, where Batman beats Superman.

(Read the comic, its really good, though Batman defeating Superman if Superman does not want to be defeated is bullshit of the highest order.) I’d been excited for the movie since that day, because who wouldn’t be excited to see the two foremost superheroes duking it out on the big screen?

I dont remember the last time I was so disappointed in a movie I had been actively hyped to see. Talk about a let down.

But first, lets talk about the things I liked.