Sethji – Finally!

Many moons ago, my cousin Sudhir and I decided to write a short story based on the same prompt. Sudhir already had a prompt and shared it with me. The prompt was as follows :-

“It has to be done”, Samar said, breaking the tense silence that had engulfed the conference room of Bhagwati Mansion. Sethji stood in silence facing the window, staring out into blank space. The wrinkles on his inscrutable face became even more defined as golden rays of the evening sun scattered itself all over it. Age had only refashioned the once muscular and zealous lad into an experienced and wise leader. He gently lowered his chin, with the poise of unwillingly accepting the inevitable, as the cortège of his most trusted men awaited his response. He closed his eyes, knitting his eyebrows together; he had come too far to let it all go now.  Sethji breathed heavily as he turned toward Samar, placing his fist firmly on the polished wooden table. His hesitation had now transformed into uncompromising sternness as he stared stone-faced into Samar’s eyes. “Kill him”, he said, clenching his teeth together.

Sudhir was done in 15 days.

It took me 4 years (and lots of free time due to a global pandemic) to finish writing it.

Here are our submissions:

Sethji – Sudhir Dhoot

Sethji – Piyush Dhoot

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