My first blog post!


I wondered for a while what my first blog post should be about, then decided that I should at least lay down some information on what I would be writing about on this site right at the beginning.

I’ll probably post about economics, politics, reviews of various forms of media, pop-culture etc. I’ll try to keep it light hearted, but I am sure at some point or the other the urge to write something serious and pseudo-philosophical will over power me. I promise to do my best to resist.

For those who know me on Facebook, you are well aware that my posting style is more akin to a volcano than a glacier… spurts of activity followed by a dormant state, rather than a constant movement forward. This site is no different. Expect it to silently go defunct, utterly neglected, within six months. I personally give it three, and thats only because I’m an optimist, a glass half full sorta guy.

Oh, and if things dont work on this site, whether it be comments, pages or anything else, please let me know. I should apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused due to my complete lack of knowledge about how to run a site. I’m running this site just like how I run my life… operating far beyond my circles of competence (and often comprehension.)

It’s very possible that if something’s broken, it might never be fixed. In that scenario, we’ll al just muddle along together as best as we can. Sound good?

Let the inanities begin, then.

4 thoughts on “My first blog post!”

  1. I LOVE the idea of you coming up with your own website ! Its actually not just a medium of expression for you alone,but also for the entire community of people who are venturing into this website. Great Great šŸ˜€

  2. Thanks all! I’m glad you all like it. As for this site… expect all sorts of shenanigans, controversies and me perennially getting into trouble for something I say or do here.

    Should be fun.

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