Pallavi, I love you!

My sister got married on the 17th of this month. She’s off to a new adventure, leaving behind a trail of memories too strong to suppress. I wanted to wish her the best of luck for her new journey, and I know that she could not have chosen a better fellow-traveller than Pratyush ji.

I have loved Pallavi since the day she was born. I think her birth proves that even a 3 year old kid can have feelings of intense protectiveness. In my mind, at that young age, the abiding thought was simplicity itself – “She’s mine. No one mess with her.”

As we both grew up, the differences were readily seen. I was getting older, but she was getting wiser. She was the glue of our life, love for whom bound our whole family together. With her marriage, the glue that held us together may not be present daily, but its impossible to unstick the pages of history she has left behind.

The weird part is that the feelings I have for Saanvii are similar to the feelings I have for Pallavi. Yes, she’s only 3-4 years younger to me, and yes, she is a grown woman (a married woman now!), and yet the need to always guard them from any danger, any difficulty, still remains. While Pallavi may have a bodyguard in chief now in Pratyush ji, I’ll always be two steps behind her, scanning for any upcoming troubles and taking care of them before they confront her, till the end of my days.

My life is utterly, bitterly, incomplete without her daily presence. For someone who is not known for having words fail him, this is truly one time where I dont even know how to describe the maelstrom inside me.

Pallavi is my sister.

She is my life.

I love her.